Rosanna Skirt Long WBML - Boom Shankar

Rosanna Skirt Long WBML - Boom Shankar

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The Boom Shankar Rosanna skirt is a two for one reversible skirt made from 100% cotton - bright pink stripes with yellow, green blues and purple retro pattern on reverse side. 

Look at the short skirt to see the pattern.

Rosanna Skirt Long Specifics

  • Reversible A Line style skirt
  • Removable pocket
  • One size fits all (up to size 16 comfortably)
  • Cold Hand wash 

Boom Shankar Rosanna Skirt Review - by Flounce

I LOVE my Boom Shankar Rosanna Skirt.  My favourite way to wear the skirt is with the flap at the back.  

The colours and patterns are so vibrant I get a lot of compliments.  It's my favourite kick around skirt and so so comfortable.  My problem area is my stomach and I was being a bit too optimistic in the beginning and doing it up too tight.  The material doesn't give so I was finding it uncomfortable.  Once I did it up on a looser setting - comfort plus.

This skirt does come with a serious warning - they are addictive!!  Once you have one, you will be hard pressed not to add to the collection.

The photos do not do the skirts justice.  Every time I get a new style in stock I have a wow experience.

- Christine xx