Boom Shankar Guru Pants

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Boom Shankar Guru Pants are in stock and ready to ship.  Flounce has FREE EXPRESS POST SHIPPING FOR ALL AUSTRALIAN ORDERS.

The new 2016 Summary range is now shipping, but we are already sold out of several styles.  There are another two releases for 2016 early 2017, but the first Indigo release has already sold out - no more to be had.

These are very popular pants for good reason.  They are nicely fitted around the tummy/hips/bottom area so they don't actually look bulky or too much.  These pants are really flattering.

I am an apple shape and had them in stock for weeks before I tried them on.  Usually I wear tighter items on the bottom to show off my best asset (my legs).  I thought with the flowing material I would look too top heavy and then bottom heavy, but I was wrong. These pants are awesome. I am yet to meet a shape or person who didn't fall in love when they put them on.  And to date I have never had a return.

The waistband is a stretch band, which I find can sometimes be problematic - not the case with the Boom Shankar guru pants.  These sit nice and flat at the waist which means no muffin top and super comfort.

This season's most popular pattern has been the Blue Block, however, my personal favourite is the Petal.  I just love them.

The Taupe pants are my favourite solid colour, but they come with a warning.  Because of their lighter solid colour they show creases more and when in the sunlight you can get that see-through silhouette thing happening.  You can't actually see skin, but you can see the profile of my legs in certain light and angles.

The patterns and darker colours are a lot more forgiving when it comes to creases and I haven't experienced the silhouette issue either.

Whichever pattern or solid colour you decide on - you won't be disappointed.   They wear well, wash well and look fantastic. 

Boom Shankar Guru Pants
  • 100% cotton 
  • 3/4 Length pants with stretch cotton waistband
  • Pockets
  • Drawstring
  • Australian design
Washing Instructions

Due to the natural dyes used in the Boom Shankar Guru pants they should be washed in cold water.